Mission Outreach

Home Missions

On the first Sunday of each month, FUMC contributes particular  items to the Salvation Army. Each church is asked for something different each month. In September, we are asked to provide personal care products (shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.).

Jasper County CROP Walk

Takes place in October. Interested persons should contact the church office. Watch church bulletins for more specific information as it becomes available.

Missionary Support

We have sponsored several missionaries with contributions to their schools, hospitals, and other work that they do. At times we have had missionaries come to FUMC and share what they do at a potluck.The missionaries we have supported are the Mefors in Africa, Foglemans at RedBird Mission in the US, Peggy Egbert in Iowa, and Jim Purdue with Hispanic Ministries in Iowa.

Builders Call

The Bishop of Iowa sends out a call for assistance to churches in Iowa who need help with remodeling or perhaps even building a new church. Individual members have responded to this call, and send in contributions.

Coats for the Needy

Church members bring unused coats to give to the needy during cold winter months.

Helping Hands

This fund grows by contributions from our members to be used for members in a time of personal need.

Salvation Army Goods Needed

  • January

    Paper products, personal hygiene products, and diapers

  • February

    Soup and crackers

  • March

    Peanut butter and jelly

  • April

    Jello, pudding, and canned fruit

  • May

    Detergent and dish soap

  • June

    Pancake, muffin and bread mixes, syrup

  • July

    Macaroni and cheese, tuna helper, Hamburger helper

  • August

    Instant potatoes and powdered milk

  • September

    Personal care items (soap, shampoo, tooth care, etc)

  • October

    Canned meat and fish

  • November

    Cereal and juice

  • December

    Rice and pasta

Mission Table

Starting in the late spring and continuing through late fall, our mission table is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables from our gardens. Sometimes baked goods are brought in. We all enjoy buying things from the table to take home and use. Money from the table is used to feed the hungry, support missionaries, and other projects that support those in need.

Trinity Church in Des Moines

Evey fifth Friday, several members of our church meet in our kitchen to prepare food to take to Trinity church for evening meals. Other volunteers go to Trinity to serve food to around 100 people who are hungry, or homeless.